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Mission of statement of Boreal Geothermal Inc.

Our vision, mission and core values are more then just words. They are the foundation, upon which we are building the best company we can be...


Reason for existence:


Boreal Geothermal Inc. was created  to offer a broad range of uncomplicated, economical, durable space conditioning systems based on 21st century renewable energy technology.


Conscious of the serious environmental issues of our times, Boreal Geothermal Inc desires to actively contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, lower the impact of the human activities on the environment while preserving the comfort and quality of life for all made possible by innovative technologies.


Our core principles:


At our core, above all, we stand for integrity, a commitment to deliver products of uncompromising design and quality of workmanship, respect between people and our planetary environment.


For this reason we strive to approach all relationships employing Our goal:


We endeavour to contribute to the development and the establishment of renewable energies on a global scale where its use will become commonplace.