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Renewable Geothermal Energy

Solar heat which has been stored in the earth's crust provides the inexhaustible source of supply energy for a geothermal heat pump. This energy is replenished each year by the sun during the normal cycle of our seasons. There is enough solar energy stored beneath each building to more than supply the cooling and heating requirements. All we need to do is extract that energy and the geothermal heat pump has been designed to do just that!

Studies by the US Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada ranked new generation geothermal heat pumps above all other heating and cooling systems in their ability to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

When compared to an electrically heated home, geothermal heat pumps consume less than 1/3 the amount of electrical energy to heat the structure. Consequently the electric utility company generates only 1/3 the emissions it normally would.