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Indoor Pool Conditioner

Indoor Pool Conditioner operates by dehumidifying the pool room area and returning the latent heat back to the pool water. Properly sized units will provide enough excess heat to condition the air in the pool room. An integral plenum heater attachment will also bring the pool up to temperature without an auxiliary source of heat.

System Operation

The Boreal ® PC unit performs three functions in an enclosed pool area.
  1. Dehumidify pool area
  2. Heat the pool water
  3. Heat the pool air
The prime purpose of the Boreal pool conditioner unit is to maintain proper humidity levels in the pool room. During this operation the unit also supplies heat to the pool room and the pool water.

The PC unit can be activated in one or both of the following manners: There are several modes in which your PC unit can function. Below is an explanation of the control sequence.

When the de-humidistat or aquastat calls for operation, the PC activates in what is essentially a water cooled air conditioner mode. Heat and moisture are extracted from the air and rejected to the pool water. This operation warms the pool water but cools the air as part of the process, therefore heat must be added to the air or the room will cool down. When the pool room temperature falls below the stage1 setpoint of the thermostat it puts the PC unit into air reheat mode until the air temp rises above the thermostat stage1 setpoint. Dehumidification will continue to take place and the unit will alternate back and forth between air heating and water heating with the air having priority and the pool water as the recipient of additional heat that the room does not require.

A typical initial air temperature setpoint for stage1 might be 82°F with a 1°F differential. Of course the air temperature setting can be at whatever your desired requirement however it is recommended you keep stage1 and stage2 setpoints no more than 3° apart with a 1° differential on stage2 and no more than 2° differential on stage1.

Stage2 of the thermostat might be set at 80°F with a 1°F differential. (Reference the programming procedure provided in the Ranco® documentation for exact instructions on how to set the thermostats). When the air temperature rises above the thermostat stage2 setpoint the plenum heater will be disengaged. During the time the PC unit is operating in air reheat mode there is no heat being added to the pool water and therefore, depending on the heat requirements of the room, if a large percentage of time is spent in air reheat mode, after a period of time the water temperature will fall a degree or two.