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Boreal ® Heat Pumps

Boreal ® Air Direct Cooling Series

While the Boreal ® proves to be an outstanding performer at heating your home, it becomes even more efficient in the cooling mode. Most conventional heat pumps provide air-conditioning by reversing the refrigeration cycle, which requires the operation of the main compressor, pump and blower. Power consumption in the cooling mode is the same or higher as in the heating mode. With the Boreal unit however underground water is pumped directly to the air heat exchanger coil.


There is no need to operate the compressor which consumes approx. 80% of the power required in the heating mode since underground water below 50°F. is already sufficiently cold enough to provide direct air conditioning.

Central air conditioning and dehumidification is provided for less than 1/5 the cost of a compressor driven system. The capacity of the air-conditioning section in a Boreal unit can be adjusted by varying the flow of water to the cooling coil while that of a reversible unit is fixed to the capacity of the heating section.


This unique feature is important since a reversible heat pump large enough to supply all the heat in a Canadian home will generally be greatly oversized in the cooling mode resulting in short cycling and insufficient dehumidification of the air.


Since proper ehumidification of the air is essential in the air conditioning mode, an oversized unit will fail to remove the moisture required leaving the occupants cold and clammy, while the Boreal unit can be tailored to remove the exact amount of humidity for comfortable living.

The Direct (Passive) Cooling Series (liquid-to-air) heat pumps are designed to pump water from an open well and discharge to a return well, pond, leaching field or other suitable return. The refrigeration circuit is only operated in the heating mode while cooling is provided directly by pumping cold well water to the special section of the air coil. Domestic hot water is available during the heating mode with the purchase of an option desuperheater.


Compressor driven-Heating Mode.
Direct ground water-Cooling Mode.
Lowest Overall Energy Consumption.

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