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The Boreal Geothermal site is organized into six sections: About Boreal Geothermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps Theory, Boreal Geothermal products, Specs and Installation manuals, Distributors and Dealers and News and Events. Get an overview of each section below.

About Boreal Geothermal


Who we are and what we do
Our vision, mission and core values
Contact Us


Factory Tour


Ground Source Heat Pumps Theory


Geothermal Theory


Renewable Geothermal Energy
How Energy Efficient is GHP Technology
Definition of a Heat Pump
Economics of a Heat Pump
Environmentally Responsible
Introduction to Heat Pumps
Where does the energy come from?
Efficiencies of Heat Pumps
Glossary of Terms
Operation of Vapor Compression Systems
Boreal ® System Operation - (DC series) heating


What's In It For Me?


Who would benefit?
What can you expect from a Geothermal Heat pump?

Energy Savings Verses additional Capital Cost




What are GHP and how do they work?
Closed loop systems
Open loop systems
Parts of the system
What are the major benefits?
Questions you should ask about a new heating system



Boreal Geothermal Products


Boreal Heat Pumps


Boreal Air line
Boreal Combo line
Boreal Hydronic line
Indoor Pool Conditioner
System Summary
Product Features
Standards and Ratings


For Home


System Selection and Installation Requirements
Choosing residential Boreal Geothermal product


For Business


Choosing commercial Boreal Geothermal product


Specs and Installation manuals


Equipement Summary


Boreal ® Air Active Cooling (AC) Series


AC Active Cooling (PDF)
AC Horizontal (PDF)
AC Split (PDF)
AC Direct Expansion (PDF)


Boreal ® Air Direct Cooling (DC) Series


DC Compressor Heating/Direct Air Conditioning (PDF)


Boreal ® Hydronic Hot Water output (HW) Series


HW Hot Water (PDF)
HW Large Capacity 100-800 (PDF)
HW-350 HAC, 30 ton capacity (PDF)
HW-600 HAC, 50 ton capacity (PDF)
HW-800 HAC, 65 ton capacity (PDF)
HWec 50 Hz European version (PDF)


Boreal ® Hydronic Warm Floor (IFW) Series


IFW Liquid-to-Water (PDF)
IFW Direct Expansion (PDF)


Boreal ® Combo Air-Water outputs (AHW) Series


AHW Air-Water outputs (PDF)


Boreal ® Indoor-Pool-Conditioner (PC) Series


PC Pool Conditioner (PDF)




Heat Pump Accessories (PDF)
Ground Loop Accessories (PDF)

Geothermal Plastic Pipe


CSA approved high density PE3408 Geothermal Pipe

Distributors and dealers


Finding a Dealer
Becoming a Dealer


Boreal Rental Center


Purging / flushing cart


Boreal Kid's Zone


Iggy The Mole


News and Events


News Archive